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Business Model

Elarium Business Model
Concept Art
Elarium is in its essence, free-to-play. However, there are several revenue streams in and outside the game:
  • Shop (40% to Avant Labs, 35% Player Vault, 25% Burn)
    • Keys, Repair kits & utility items
    • Season Pass
    • Event-based Skin box sets (Strictly no pay-2-win!)
  • Marketplace Fee (35% Avant Labs, 35% Player Vault, 25% Burn, 5% Referral)
  • Origin NFT collections & royalties (80% Avant Labs, 20% Ecosystem Fund)
  • Land sales & ad deals (60% Avant Labs, 20% Ecosystem Fund, 20% Player Vault)
  • 3rd-Party Tournament revenue (20% Avant Labs, 50% Organizer, 20% Ecosystem Fund, 10% Player Vault)
The vast majority of in-game rewards distributed in $ELAR are based on actual revenue generated, not diluting supply out of thin air with an infinite supply token.
Values & percentages are subject to change and not considered final.