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Tournaments in Elarium
Playing against other teams in tournaments is one way to bring more structure into the environment. While it will help players to develop their skills and strategies, it will also increase the competitiveness among teams and players.
Elarium Tournaments will bring livestreamed events and also give players a greater opportunity to showcase their talent, earn awards and increase their recognition. These tournaments will also open up a wide range of possibilities for contributors and third parties to brand themselves with their own organized tournament and events.

Elarium Tournaments

Every few months Elarium will be hosting tournaments with a prize pool. The prize pool for Elarium tournaments will be composed out of the revenue acquired during a set period of time. In addition to Elarium Tournaments, there will be a weekly leaderboard of ranked games of which prizes can be received.

Contributor Tournaments

Third-party organizers are able to create tournaments for Elarium. As a 3rd party, you can create your own tournament with your own set of rules and you will be able to brand it in multiple ways. For example, customize banners with your own logo across the map for the duration of the tournament. Also conditions such as the prize pool and distribution rulesets are customizable for organizers.
More detailed information about the tournaments in general and how 3rd party organizers can get involved will be released at a later stage.