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Elarium, a mysterious mineral with seemingly infinite applications.
A mysterious substance that defies the known laws of physics. As valuable as it’s rare, Elarium brings unlimited prosperity and at the same time, an unending desire for power.
Concept art "Elarium Extraction Point"
Elarium is a mysterious mineral with seemingly infinite possible applications. This is why the Akari Ishi see it as a part of their worshiped deity. While the mineral itself is still poorly understood, scientists discovered that it uses resonant frequencies, changing the way subatomic particles interact, creating properties previously unknown to mankind. In a sense it is an acoustic effect – a discovery made by French-Canadian composer Jacques Dupont.
After the discovery of various ancient sites holding concentrations of Elarium, scientists were shocked to conclude that the precious mineral was in fact not native to Earth. It rather had to be deposited for cultivation by unknown intelligent entities at some point in ancient history. Much has been speculated about its origins and whether the intelligent civilization in question would be the mysterious ancestors of the Akari.
While Elarium provided levels of advancement unparalleled to human history after centuries of stagnation, its integration society would come with a high cost.

Discovery of ELARIUM

October 3rd 2904 was the day that changed everything. The day when our place in the universe was brought into question. For once in an age Humanity makes a discovery so profound and powerful that it changes the course of history forever. However, it is the hands that hold such discoveries that choose the destination…
On that fateful day everything changed. Some say it's the beginning of a new era others call it the beginning of the end, all that can be stated is that it marked a change in humanity's trajectory bigger than anyone could have predicted.