๐ŸงชOrigin NFTs

Elarium Origin NFTs are launched pre-game, starting with the first collection Elarium: Humans

Origin NFTs are NFTs launched pre-game release, with the first collection being called Elarium: Humans and being created on Ethereum. Visually, they roughly resemble playable characters. Improvements and adjustments will be made before game launch.

In-game $ELAR rewards

Among other features, holding an Origin NFT is a requirement to earn $ELAR in-game. While it is still possible to play & earn through selling skins and items on the secondary marketplace, earning $ELAR tokens directly in the game is restricted to Origin holders.

In-game Earn Boost

Origin NFTs have different equipment slots, each slot with a potentially different rarity and state of decay. Because of this, each equipment slot on the Origin NFT receives its own, unique earn boost value. The total of all earn boosts found on one Origin NFT builds the basis for the $ELAR earn boost a player receives in-game.

By upgrading the old shoulder slot, the earn boost of the new shoulder skin is applied to the whole character and permanently merged with the NFT. This also leads to the "destruction" of the old shoulder skin, and therefore is irreversible!

Origin Skin Packs

In order to already start optimizing and styling your Origin NFT before the game is even released, we will provide Origin Skin Packs containing randomized skins for different slots on your character. After opening, you will receive Origin Skins which can be used to upgrade your Origin NFT.

Upon upgrading, the earn boost of the new skin will be applied to the character, and the original skin will be overwritten, changing the Origin NFT permanently. Origin Skin Packs are limited to a one-time free claim for Origin NFT holders, and may be available in limited stock on our shop on the website.

Early Access

Origin NFTs will grant holders Early Access to the Elarium game, starting from Alpha stage. Initially, Early Access will be rolled out through Early Access weekends.

Claimable In-game Skins

In addition to the earning boost, individual equipment slots also represent skins. These skins will be claimable in-game, once the game is officially launched. After claiming, they may be used like any other in-game skin, but will forever be limited in supply.

Lend Origin NFTs and share

Guilds may lend Origin characters to their players, and define their individual split of earnings.

Stake Origin NFTs

You will be able to submit Origin NFTs to a Staking Pool to earn passive $ELAR rewards on your NFTs based on the time lock of your choice.

Private Holder Channel

By holding an Origin NFT, you will be eligible to join the holder channels on Discord, and by that participate in direct discussions about the game, see early sneak peeks and ask questions directly to the team.

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