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Key team members of Avant Labs

Lead team members

Christopher Pail (CEO) — Serial entrepreneur with a degree in engineering having built multiple software companies, one of them working with key corporations in the tech industry. Game development experience in AAA fashion and key player in the development of crypto networks in 2017. CEO of Avant Labs and founded Elarium in 2021. Web3 pioneer and forward thinker with passion for gaming and blockchain.
Oscar Lindahl (CCO) — Berlin-based multidisciplinary creator with over 12 years experience in Music, Arts & Technology. He is a producer for music artists, and has supported award-winning creatives produce immersive arts & technology installations that have won awards such as the Lumen Prize, ADA Gold Cube, and more. He is currently the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) at Avant Labs where he oversees the artistic direction and strategy for art, sound, narrative and brand identity for Elarium.
Ilja Verena de Vos (COO) — 17 years experience in project and people management across the IT, real estate and industrial sector and has been an entrepreneur from 2012 onwards. Known as an empathetic leader, team builder and driving force behind successful projects and people. Lifetime Sci-fi, Fantasy and Gaming enthusiast.
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