A short summary of the story of Elarium

The year is 3022; a devastating war between The Zoff and Reevers left planet Earth a wasteland, depleting its many available resources. This involves access to substantial amounts of Elarium, a powerful mineral that, among other things, is used for intergalactic travel. With only a few known sources of Elarium left on Earth, two factions have been fighting for control of these locations, which ultimately holds the key to the universe.

It has been 112 years since Earthโ€™s first discovery of ancient extra-terrestrial sites containing large deposits of Elarium โ€“ an immensely powerful mineral capable of supporting intergalactic travel. After experiencing a golden age of incredible scientific and technological advancements, the world has yet again fallen back into chaos.

Now the entire planet is entrenched in a ruthless war for resources. Those who survived have been fundamentally divided no matter their past. Be it part of the all-powerful Zoff regime, or the chaotic self proclaimed freedom fighters, named Reevers. All sides are joined by the Zoyds, a sentient AI species and the enigmatic alien species Akari whose true machinations remain a mystery.

For some, Elarium represents power and order, the chance to give rise to a new era of humanity and intergalactic colonization. For others, it provides the opportunity to escape the ongoing deaths, ruthlessness and tragedy of war, as a promise of starting another life on a new planet. The future can be determined only by who is able to gather enough resources to break out of this vicious cycle of violence.

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