Joseph Zoff

Joseph Zoff, AKA The Director (Zoff)

An only child born to Henry and Mirella Zoff in 2924, Joseph displayed much of his fatherโ€™s intellect from a youth, but little of his compassion and restraint. An angry individual who spent much of his early teenage years being bailed out of trouble with the authorities, he nevertheless earned a seat on the Zoff Industries board of directors when he turned 21.

It seemed for a time that Joseph had managed to temper his emotions and had a good business head on his shoulders. He worked closely with his father, rapidly expanding the company and sharing in the associated praise. However, as he ascended through the company ranks, his penchant for hostility and aggression slowly returned โ€“ albeit in a more corporate environment. Regularly locking horns with his own father โ€“ who thwarted his repeated attempts to evolve the company into a private superpower โ€“ he ultimately assumed control when his father died suddenly, just four days before his own 34th birthday.

The direction of the company changes rapidly after Joseph took the helm. This, coupled with the mysterious circumstances surrounding his fatherโ€™s illness led to many theories that he was in some way involved.

The harsh working environments and cruel treatment Joseph inflicted on his employees (and then later those captured by Zoff during warfare) led to no one daring to refer to him by name, and he became simply known as the Director. Now, due to his extreme age and the fact that he hasnโ€™t been seen publicly in over a decade has led some to conclude that he has died, although video recordings of his hateful, rambling diatribe speeches have continued to be aired each week (always in shadow and never fully showing his face), shedding confusion on exactly what has happened to Joseph Zoff.

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