The Reever collective

Deemed the scavengers of the Twinned Galaxies, Reevers are a collective of fierce and loyal warriors united under a banner of hope. Sworn enemies of Zoff, they fight to secure enough Elarium that they might find true freedom for their kin.

It all began with one man's ambition to be the voice of hope and thoughts of the many. His name was Alexander Harlen, a unique combination of being an engineer and high-ranking military strategist. Alexander came from a simple home and grew up in an era where the world transformed by the month because of Elarium being integrated in everyone's day-to-day lives.

When he was 16 years of age, Alexander left his hometown and volunteered to work at several shipyards which allowed him to learn all skills necessary to be an engineer on high complex engines for spaceships. By the age of 21, he joined the Zoff Militia during the time the Quantum War spread across the globe, where he quickly grew in ranks, eventually becoming a key strategist overseeing some of the critical offenses that eventually led to the end of the Quantum War.

The end of the war meant that many, mostly low-ranking workers of Zoff, were left with little to no means to support themselves. Unable to witness this humanitarian crisis unfolding, Alexander made the life changing decision to take matters into his own hands. He started secretly helping laid off workers to get their hands on engine components and sell them for astronomical prices on the black market. As word quickly spread about the security vulnerabilities of Zoff warehouses, the pillaging which followed resulted in a massive loss for the corporate giant.

Now calling themselves Reevers, the collective organized and executed various attacks on Zoff exclusive Elarium mining sites around the globe, taking control of the Egyptian extraction point thanks to smart strategic tactics in the desert wasteland and the help of undercover Zoff officers. Being a high ranked officer in the Zoff Militia, Alexander needed to take every possible precaution to not risk his or the lives of his infant twins, while he kept in close communication with Reever leaders.

It was not until the mining on Neo Kรขne started, that Joseph Zoff became suspicious of a possible mole among his high ranking officers. After a meeting with the Akari council on November 5th 3005, he eventually ordered the execution of Alexander. This event sparked tensions that were already on the rise even further and led to the eruption of the Galactic wars; when leaders of the Reevers received the devastating news of Alexander Harlen's death, it fueled their outrage and started the revolt of the Reevers against the Zoff on Neo Kรขne.

Are Reever good? Again, this is very subjective. While the Reever certainly position themselves as the underdog, freedom fighters, and even heroes within their propaganda, just like Zoff, many within their faction have done exceptionally cruel things, and there are few without blood on their hands. Compared to the Director, the Harlen Twins are undoubtedly more honorable and kind leaders, but have still ordered many men and women to their deaths through dreadful battles and have themselves done questionable things to ensure victory.

The factionโ€™s desire to gather enough Elarium to allow the Reever people to escape and start again on a new planet, while extremely noble in essence, leaves both themselves and those left behind in an extremely vulnerable position, if a more advanced species were to make hostile contact. Of course, while those who first abandoned Neo Kane to warn of the Directorโ€™s plans had good intentions, that message has become warped over time so that for the Reever, anything that is not their way is the wrong way. Just like the Zoff, many within the order are fanatical about their mission, and will do anything to achieve their goals, including committing deeply immoral actions.

Therefore, while the core aims of the Reever are certainly more peaceful than those of Zoff, the faction itself cannot be considered a strictly โ€˜goodโ€™ one.

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