Zoff, a power not to be taken lightly.

Once a respected pioneer in the Elarium mining sector and driver in the technological progress of both Human and Zoyd civilisations, 112 years of overreaching corporate ambition and greed eventually turned Zoff Industries onto a path to monopolize its grasp on global power and influence.

Henry Zoff, a young, ambitious engineer, a visionary with an almost utopian desire to see the growth and prosperity of united civilisations, founded Zoff Industries in 2918. It was the vision of Henry that set Zoff industries apart from the tech giants of the time; Henry had a single rule which he would tirelessly repeat to his employees: โ€œOnly our imagination shall limit us. If you can think it, we can build itโ€.

Zoff industries covered multiple sectors, from manufacturing components for cars and ships, to the manufacturing of Zoyds for civil and industrial purposes. However, the real driver of Zoff Industriesโ€™ growth was a unique Elarium mining method, designed by Henry Zoff when he was just 24 years of age: A hybrid system to extract Elarium and use it as a fuel source once extracted. As this method proved to be the most efficient and cost effective, it rapidly solidified Zoff Industries position as the single most dominant mining company in the Elarium mining sector.

Decades passed and as Zoff industries evolved into a corporate giant, so grew its board members' corporate mentality with it. The pursuit of revenue and control did not meet the vision of their leader, Henry Zoff at that moment in time, whose commitment to make another world was unwavering. After Henry Zoffs death in 2958, his son Joseph took over the company. By then people could see Zoff Industries' direction starting to take a turn as corporate forces from within solidified. Through strategic partnerships with military and industrial powers across the world, Zoff Industries became the lead supplier of military, industrial and retail manufacturing on a global scale.

At the dawn of the Quantum War in 2967, speculations became apparent as Zoff Industries showed its deeper agenda that had formerly been carefully hidden from the public eye. Zoff Industries rebranded to Zoff and gradually began to grow its position as a private militia by raising an army far more potent than any country could fathom. As a global organisation with the highest access to Elarium, some of the most advanced military weapons and unimaginable monetary funds, the name Zoff became synonymous with a power not to be taken lightly.

Are Zoff evil? In war, evil is a very subjective term and depends on viewpoint. While the Director could certainly be classified as evil to a certain degree, he is simply one individual; many honorable and kind individuals exist within the order who have lost friends and loved ones to the Reever, so class them as evil. Moreover, rumors abound that several high-ranking officials within the company are keen to see the directorโ€™s death, so that more balanced approaches can be considered.

Furthermore, the desire of galactic dominance for Zoff at is core simply seeks to expand human civilization far beyond the confines of Earth and ensure that it will never be vulnerable to other species that might seek conflict. While certainly an aggressive approach, it is entirely logical for a newly space-faring race. In addition, during times of struggle, many seek order, stability, and rigidity, something that only Zoff can provide. Also, providing an individual is willing to serve Zoff, they will feed, clothe and shelter them and their family without question, something that cannot be overlooked in times of conflict, and something the Reever often cannot provide due to lack of resources.

Therefore, while many within Zoff have unquestionably done evil things, the faction itself cannot be considered a strictly โ€˜evilโ€™ one.

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