๐ŸŽฒGameplay Modes

Elarium Extraction

Fight over control of Elarium extraction nodes.

Extraction nodes randomly activate at specific locations on the map. Each extraction node contains 20 charges of Elarium and only one node can be active (and extracted from) at a time. Once a extraction node is depleted, a new one randomly activates. The first team to extract 40 Elarium points win.

During the match players have unlimited respawns after death. Dead players receive a short respawn timer, during which players can change their loadout including weapons and weapon attachments.

Team Deathmatch

Two teams fight each other to reach 100 kills before the opposing team.

For each enemy player killed, your team receives 1 point. The first team to score 100 kills wins the game. If no team reaches the required score before the timer runs out, the team with the highest score wins the game.

Capture the Flag

Two teams fight each other to capture 3 flags before the opposing team does.

The flag spawnpoint is placed in the middle of the map and will be unlocked 30 seconds after the round starts. The goal is to return the flag to the players team base. Upon returning, that team is rewarded with 1 point and a new flag will be spawned after 30 seconds. Players carrying the flag are slowed down and upon the flag carriers death, the flag is dropped and both friendly and enemy players are able to pick it up.

Exotic Modes

We are experimenting with several additional game modes which will allow players to experience our maps and game mechanics in even more fun and distinct ways.

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