Skins, rarity and state of decay in Elarium
Skins, whether gear-, character- or weapon-based have similar features across the board:
  • Each skin is model-based & its own unique NFT
  • 5 different rarity levels & 3 different states of decay
  • Earn boost based on rarity and state of decay
  • Player achievements, kills/stats and player history will be written and tracked on the blockchain, forever
Skins can be earned through different boxes within the game, or bought directly from the marketplace. While it is only possible to earn $ELAR in game (e.g. events, games & achievements if you hold an Origin NFT), all game skins represent a direct way to earn $ELAR through secondary market sales.

State of Decay

​State of Decay Showcase
State of Decay determines the condition in which the NFT appears. There are three (3) levels of decay: Pristine, Worn and Battle-Scarred. The most common state of decay is "Battle-Scarred" state where the NFT is heavily used and/or damaged. After that, we have "Worn", the second most common (and slightly better looking) state. Finally, we also have the "Pristine" state, the rarest and basically fresh-out-of-the-box looking.
Apart from visual appearance, state of decay also affects the durability of your weapon. The lower the state, the less durable a weapon is and the faster its earning potential gets depleted. As a skin reaches 0 durability, it will no longer grant its earning boost and it will need to be repaired to be functional again. This will be possible through Repair Kits obtained from progression rewards or the in-game shop.