Henry Zoff

Born in Western Europe in the year 2892, Henry Zoff was a gifted intellect and engineer who showed exceptional promise from an early age. By the time he turned 18, he had already published 3 scientific journals on the subject of Elarium and its future applications.

By 24 he had created the blueprint for a proprietary digging system that would make mining Elarium far easier and lessen the need for expensive Zoyd deployment. With the help of a childhood friend turned investor, in 2918 he set up Zoff Industries. Quickly it became a pioneer in the sector, using his hybrid system to extract Elarium and refine it further into a fuel source once extracted. As this method proved to be the most efficient and cost effective, it rapidly solidified Zoff Industries position as the single most dominant mining company in the Elarium mining sector and help overtake the competition by a large margin.

For 40 years he ran the company with an equal measure of ambition and humility, blocking his own board of directors and son Joseph Zoff at multiple occasions from more hostile directives. However, in 2958, sudden ill health forced him to take early retirement. He quickly declined and died at home with his loving wife at his side.

The severity of his sudden and mysterious illness caused much debate and speculation of foul play, with most fingers pointing at his son.

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