Elarium on Ethereum & Ultra

Elarium on Ethereum & Ultra

As having partnered with Ultra we have the ability to mint endless NFTs in our game - Elarium - at zero cost. The gas fees of Ethereum are prone to become very high and are therefore unsustainable from a gaming perspective.

Elarium has since its inception decided to launch origin NFT collections (Humans, Zoyds & Akaris) and the $ELAR token on the Ethereum blockchain. Bridging options to Ultras blockchain will naturally be implemented. All origin collectibles will be eligible to claim as skins in the game, used for NFT staking, upgrading state of decay, and more as outlined with our utility and roadmap.

When it comes to our NFTs in the game, we will utilize the Ultra blockchain technology to mint and distribute NFTs originating from the game environment. The Elarium first-person shooter is powered by Ultraโ€™s zero gas blockchain and exclusively available on the Ultra platform on launch.

The initial token launch and origin NFTs will be on Ethereum, however in-game economy and skin NFTs will be launching on Ultraโ€™s zero gas blockchain.

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