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Base Mechanics

Base game mechanics
In general, base mechanics between different FPS games tend to be very similar. Nonetheless, there are a few specifics about Elarium worth clarifying.
Elarium has the follow mechanics:
  • Health
  • Energy Shield
  • Double Jumping
  • Melee


Hit Points ("HP") represent how much damage a player character or object can sustain. The player character's health bar shows the amount of HP. The health bars HP is "low" at 50% and "critical" at 25%.
In-game HUD of the Health & Shield Bar


Similar to HP, Shield Points ("SP") represent how much damage a player character or object can absorb before it starts affecting their HP. Shields automatically regenerate at a rate of 25 SP per second after avoiding damage for 4 seconds.
As long as the Shield is active, damage will be deducted from SP before HP are affected. Similarly, HP recover before SP.


Melee attacks are attacks that take effect only within a short range of the player character, generally within arms' reach. Melee attacks pierce barriers and the closest enemy within a frontal cone reach. Melee does 50% damage to the enemy's total health and has a short grace period before applying.

Double Jumping

Pressing the jump key again allows the player's character to jump for a second time whilst still in mid-air. This allows for interesting vertical plays and creates an additional layer of complexity.

Dual Carry

Elarium weapon
At all times, players are able to carry a maximum of 2 weapons. There is no limitation of which weapons can be carried at the same time.